Create Rewarding Experiences

App Tools by SkillSmith supports 200+ reward options and automated rewards fulfillment, enabling you to create personalized experiences that boost interactions and user loyalty.

  • 45% Increase in Engagement
  • 3x Reduction in Support Tickets
  • 29% Boost in Product Adoption
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Tiered Rewards Structure

Our tiered rewards structure motivates users to assimilate content, participate in channels, and guide new users. Your users will be motivated to watch demos, try new products, and apply what they've learned in the workplace. Employees will remain engaged as they strive to achieve goals toward the next higher tier, earning them bigger and better rewards and incentives.

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Engagement Equals Loyalty
Incentives and Gamification


With our platform, you can easily create custom auto-triggered credits for exhibiting desirable behavior, such as watching and sharing demo videos, creating informative content, guiding peers, and more.

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Smart Gamification Tools

Drive daily participation easily with smart gamification tools, such as dynamic leaderboards, badges, and contests, that develop friendly competition and engage users in the pursuit of achieving the next goal.

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Insights and Analytics

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